SAIL TRAINING  from  LAS PALMAS  to   PIRAEUS   April - May 2020

Antwerp Sailing Academy

Sailing Ship 'PAN ORAMA' 
Ship fully dedicated to 'Sail Training' project

Ship Operator: 
Antwerp Sailing Academy
Period: April 17 to May 1, 2020

Itinerary: Las Palmas (Spanish Canary Islands) to Piraeus (Port of Athens, Greece)

Participants: students + non-student partners + instructors + ship's crew

Administrated by
Royal Yacht Club van België vzw
Thonetlaan 133
Antwerp Sailing Academy


YACHTMAN – offshore sailing (Federal Public Service)

YACHTNAVIGATOR – ocean sailing (Federal Public Service)

STCW 200 GT modules – commercial sailing (Antwerp Maritime Academy)

GMDSS-SRC – radio-communications (BIPT/IBPT)

Practical sail-, helmsman- & seamanship-trainings

Antwerp Sailing Academy


For students all set prices INCLUDE:

- Full board!

- Theory & practical courses and exams on board (except GMDSS-SRC)

- Course materials: syllabi (electronic form), plotter, compass, charts, nautical almanacs, use of life raft & survival suits & flares & tender (Zodiac) & ropes & sextant etc... (except plotter, compass, charts and "Leidraad voor de Yachtman, all to be purchased at 107€)

- Theory courses before embarkation (20 to 25 hours) Yachtman: basic navigation + Yachtnavigator: cosmography + astro-navigation

For non-student partners all set prices INCLUDE:

- Full board!

- GMDSS-SRC course (and attestation!)


For ALL participants (students & non-student partners) all set prices do NOT INCLUDE:

- Tickets (flights) & bookings & transfers & travel insurances from Brussels Zaventem to Las Palmas de Gran Canarias and from Athens to Brussels Zaventem & overnight hotel prior to sailing  (estimated cost ± 450 Euro)

- Beverages, personal extra's, WiFi, laundry

Antwerp Sailing Academy


2.600,- Euro / student in 'double cabin' on lower deck  (shared with other student or non-student partner)

2.150,- Euro / non-student partner in 'double cabin' on lower deck

3.190,- Euro / student in 'single cabin' on lower deck

3.190,- Euro / student in 'double cabin' on upper deck  (shared with other student or non-student partner)

2.740,- Euro / non-student partner in 'double cabin' on upper deck

3.780,- Euro / student in 'single cabin' on upper deck

Antwerp Sailing Academy


• Registrations until March 2,2020.

• Advance payment: 900,- Euro / participant, to be paid at the latest 8 days after invoice date.

• Minimum total number of participants (students + non-student partners) required: 15 persons!

• In case of cancellation, only by ship operator ‘Variety Cruises’ and/or in case of less than 15 participants: advance fee will be returned to participants!

• Late registrations (after as of March 2,2020) will be possible until the final project closing date of March 9, 2020. In that case the full amount is to be paid by March 9, 2020.

• In ALL cases the full amount is due by March 9, 2020 and NONREFUNDABLE!

• Each participant needs to agree, on written form, with these T’s & C’s (Appendix 1) and with those of ‘Variety Cruises Limited’ (Appendix 2). All signed forms are to be submitted the latest 8 days after receipt from R.Y.C.B.

Antwerp Sailing Academy


YACHTMAN course & YACHTNAVIGATOR course in Dutch and/or French

'Commercial Yachting' STCW 200 GT course modules in English
- Basic Safety
* Personal Survival Techniques
* Personal Safety and Social Responsabilities
* Elementary First Aid
- Navigation Cluster
* Basic navigation (charts work & depth calculations)
* Voyage planning
* Radar navigation & bridge intruments
- Regulations (exemption if Yachtman or Yachtnavigator)
- Maritime English 

'Commercial Yachting' STCW 500 GT course modules in English
- Yacht Technique 1
- Meteo 2

GMDSS-SRC (course only, with attestation) in Dutch and/or French

YACHTMAN certificate is pre-requisite (before embarkation) in order to attend YACHTNAVIGATOR course and exam

YACHTMAN or YACHTNAVIGATOR certificates are pre-requisite in order to attend Commercial Yachting STCW 200 GT course, but can be combined on board

There is no pre-requisite for the GMDSS-SRC course

Non-student partners can attend the GMDSS-SRC course (and get attestation) FOR FREE


Registration procedure

After initial contact, personal / via email,

ASA sends you by email the weblink to the "Personal Information Form" (PIF).

You fill out and submit the PIF per person.

ASA receives your data via the PIF.

ASA/R.Y.C.B. sends you by email following documents:
1/ copies of the two Term's & Conditions (T's & C's)
2/ an invoice for the advance payment

Subsequently, You:
1/ print, complete, sign and submit the T’s & C’s including your final choice of
cabin-formula per person
2/ execute the advance payment.

From that point on your registration is valid

For all information, please contact:

David Driebeek / administrator
tel: +32 3 219 27 84  /  +32 4 74 43 54 98


Stan Lettany / education co-ordinator
tel: +32 4 75 29 42 07

Antwerp Sailing Academy


The Antwerp Sailing Academy-Team will provide you with their knowledge en wisdom!
We would like to refer you to the designated page on the ASA-website to get acquainted with the members of the Team (click for LINK)

Antwerp Sailing Academy


FEDERAL PUBLIC SERVICE Mobility & Transport - DG Shipping
(FOD Mobiliteit DG Scheepvaart / SPF Mobilité & Transport DG Navigation)
Antwerp Sailing Academy

(Hogere Zeevaartschool Antwerpen / Ecole Supérieure de Navigation d'Anvers)
Antwerp Sailing Academy

(Belgisch Instituut voor Postdiensten en Telecommunicatie / Institut Belge des services Postaux et des Télécommunications)
Antwerp Sailing Academy

Antwerp Sailing Academy